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The certification event scheduled for January, 2022, has been postponed because of Covid concerns. Watch for further information as to date for rescheduling. Adjudicators on the current list of certified adjudicators may be assured that their "term" on the list has been extended. 

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Adjudicator Chair, John Baker, urges you to gain certification as OSAA/OMEA/ACDA adjudicator


NOTE: *Certified adjudicators must attend an Oregon ACDA

Certifying Workshop/Training (W/T) at least once every

five years in order to maintain their certification. They

must also maintain active ACDA membership. An

adjudicator’s certification status will lapse on

the fifth anniversary of her/his certification,

but may be extended a grace period

until the end of that school year.


Those who have not re-certified after the 5 years

(plus one-year grace period) will have their names

removed from the list until they participate in an ACDA

Adjudicator Certifying W/T.


For more information about this

list or the certification process for Oregon choral adjudicators, contact

John Baker, Oregon ACDA Adjudication Chair.