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For an email directory of R&R leaders, please click or tap HERE

Oregon ACDA follows the guidelines for its board as set by the national office. This board is made up of members who are appointed by the president to serve for two year terms. They’re called R&R Chairs (Repertoire and Resources). They fall into four categories: (1) Collegiate Choirs (serving students and directors in all institutions of higher learning in the state), (2) Life Long Choirs (serving singers and directors of community and professional groups of all ages as well as those who direct church choirs), (3) Repertoire Specific Choirs (serving jazz choirs, specific soprano/alto and tenor/bass choirs, and multi-cultural choirs, and (4) Youth Choirs (serving school choirs and directors of all levels and the organizations that support these groups).

The slides at the right show who heads each category and each type of choir. 

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